fence company charleston sc


We can rewire any fence on any property. We can do any fencing job small or large. Our most popular service,

dock repair charleston sc

Dock instalation & Repair

We can find you qualified Boat Dock Builder professionals that can meet the needs of your project.

deck repair charleston sc

Deck Installation & Repair

We can install any deck in record time. Whether it’s for decor, an upgrade, or a handicap necessity we will,

bathroom remodel charleston sc

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

We can build new countertops, flooring, and cabinets with a basic, or top of the line decor.

Store Renovations

Upgrading a store is now affordable, quick, and worry free. We will help you design the rooms, shelving,

Commerical Building Renovations

Commerical grey shells are often in need of much work to get them up to code. Our contractors and,

Church Renovations

Once your building funds are secured we can help get the project started in no time. Call us to schedule a,

home renovations charleston sc

Home Renovations

We provide interior and exterior services to your home, school, office, or church project. Call us to schedule a,